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Keep Track of Your Day with Voxtools Calendar.

Book a session wherever you are. Move sessions with ease. Master your time.

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All Your Contact Information. One Convenient Spot.

What was the producer's kid's name? Was she interested in your narration reel? All your contact information is one click away. You'll look like a genius.

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Every Piece of Session Information, At Your Fingertips.

How many spots are you doing? Where will they run? How much does this session pay? It's all there on your Sessions screen.

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One Glance at Billing Shows You the Money!

Color-coded invoice tabs show the status of each invoice at a glance.

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Where Is Your Work Currently Running? Check the Map!

Are you safe to take a job for a bank in Boise? Voxtools tells you with a click.

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  • 3-SessionsList
  • 4-BillingList
  • 5-ActiveMarkets


Scheduling sessions couldn’t be easier. Just click or tap on your session start time, fill in the details, and you’re booked! If the session time changes (as it inevitably will,) you can drag and drop your session on the new time. Want to add 30 minutes of pad time? Just grab the bottom of the session block to lengthen or shorten the session. (Don’t you wish it were that easy in real life?)

Subscribe to your Voxtools calendar with iCal or Outlook if you wish. And one glance at the calendar will tell you which sessions are invoiced (green) and which are not (blue.) Nice touch? We thought so.


Keeping track of contact information is daunting. Voxtools makes it easy. Each of your contacts has their own page where you can record important conversations, view every session you’ve done with that contact, and classify your contacts with tags you create yourself. Now, every ounce of information you need for great client relationships is one click away with Voxtools.


Voxtools takes you directly to today’s sessions when you log in. From there, you can enter and modify spot titles, enter markets, set your rate, as well as entering any other billable item. There’s even a place for session notes (which will come in handy next time they book you!) The Sessions window puts all your contact information at your fingertips. When the session is over, click the Create Invoice button, and you’re done!


After Voxtools sends your stylish invoice, it keeps track of all your invoices and their payment status. When you create an invoice, you decide when it’s due based on your history with the client. This gives you a much more realistic expectation of when the money will come in. Then, with one glance, you can see the status of all your invoices. Green means the invoice is out. Red means it’s overdue. Gray means it’s been paid. Filter your invoices any way you want. Voxtools Billing page shows you the money.


Performing voice work for competing clients in one market is career suicide. But keeping track of all that work has been next to impossible. Until now. Voxtools Active Map takes all your session & market information and boils it down to a map. Everywhere you’re currently active has a blue pin. Click on the pin to find out who you’re voicing for in that market, what category of business it is, and when the cycle expires. Not so good with geography? Use the list view below the map.

You can filter by market, business type, or client name. You can also sort your list by expiration date to know when to send Renewal Notices. Renewal of your work is a great source of income that has been hard to tap, until Voxtools came along.